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Educational Assortative Mating and Income Dynamics in Couples: A Longitudinal Dyadic Perspective

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Xi’s China a Source of Worry and Wonder for Canadians

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Public Perceptions of International Leadership in China and the United States

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Educational Assortative Mating and Female Breadwinning Trajectories: A Group-Based Trajectory Analysis

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Opinion: That empty chair was not, and will never be empty: Remembering Liu Xiaobo

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Innovation, Green Development, Social Change, and Internationalization

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Canada’s China Strategy is in Desperate Need of Repair

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Deciphering the Civic Virtue of Communal Space: Neighborhood Attachment, Social Capital, and Neighborhood Participation in Urban China

Environment and Behaviour | Jan 28 2016 | Co-Authored by: Dr. Yushu Zhu

Moving Forward: Issues in China-Canada Relations

Chapters Contributed by: Dr. Pitman Potter, Dr. Paul Evans, MAAPPS student Lotus Ruan and IAR student research fellow Linting Zhang

China has the Resiliency to Weather its Stock-Market Storm

The Globe and Mail | Jan 9 2016 | Co-Authored by: Dr. Yves Tiberghien