Pan Tianshou Fellowship 2024

Feb 15, 2024
The Institute of Asian Research (IAR) at the University of British Columbia invites submissions for the Pan Tianshou Scholarship. Five graduate scholarships of $2,000 each are offered to Masters and PhD students who are studying or conducting research in Chinese Studies or research relating to China. The scholarships are funded by the Pan Tianshou Foundation […]

Inaugural Harvard MIT UBC Urban China Conference Successfully Held on March 20th, 2023

Apr 11, 2023
On March 20th, the Inaugural Harvard-MIT-UBC Urban China Conference took place on Harvard Campus in Cambridge, MA. The conference, themed “Has planning guided China’s urbanization,” featured four panels and 16 speakers and was organized around discussions led by the panel chairs Meg Rithmire (Harvard), Nick Smith (Barnard College), Li Hou (on behalf of the MIT […]

Ming Statecraft Conference Review

Jan 16, 2023
How is China Governed? From Ming Statecraft to Xi’s New Era An international conference held in honour of the work of Dr. Timothy Brook Between September 9 and 11th, 2022, more than forty scholars from around the world gathered in the Room of Many Trees at the Liu Institute for Global Issues—most attending in-person, with […]

[Conference Promo] ​Harvard MIT UBC Urban China Conference 2023

Nov 11, 2022
​Harvard MIT UBC Urban China Conference 2023: Has planning guided China’s urbanization?  When: Monday, March 20th, 2023 Where: Harvard University Campus, Cambridge, MA Registration Link: (Before Dec 15th, 2022) China’s rapid urbanization has come with a stunning assortment of plans: urban plans, land plans, economic plans, demographic planning, and so forth.  At the same time, […]

China Power – CCR-Green College Public Lecture Series

Oct 11, 2022
Welcome to our “China Power” public lecture series, sponsored by CCR and Green College. With China’s rise as a major player on the global stage, understanding the nature of Chinese power and how it is exercised has become increasingly important.  This series of lectures brings together leading experts from a diverse range of fields to […]

Dr. Timothy Brook, 2022 — “By What Right Does the Emperor Rule?: Statecraft Technology and the Problem of Monarchy”

Sep 08, 2022
We cordially invite you to a public lecture by Dr. Timothy Brook, titled “By What Right Does the Emperor Rule? Statecraft Technology and the Problem of Monarchy,” on Friday, September 9th, 18:00-19:30. The event will start with an in-person public reception (17:00-18:00) in the Asian Centre, followed by the lecture from 18:00 to 19:30. At the current […]

[HOOVER INSTITUTION]: Xi Jinping Makes History: Perspectives On The CCP’s 6th Plenum

Dec 09, 2021
The Hoover Institution hosted Xi Jinping Makes History: Perspectives on the CCP’s 6th Plenum on Thursday, December 2 from 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. PST. Leading experts unpack the significance of the 6th Plenum (2021) of the Chinese Communist Party’s 19th Congress and what lies ahead for Xi Jinping and China.   [youtube][/youtube]   ABOUT THE SPEAKERS Timothy Cheek is a […]

[Webinar] Voice After Exit: How Transnational Ties Shape Hong Kong Americans’ Political Engagement and Voting Behavior

Dec 03, 2021
Webinar Friday, 10 December 2021, 17:00–18:30 PST Voice After Exit: How Transnational Ties Shape Hong Kong Americans’ Political Engagement and Voting Behavior Dr. Maggie Shum and Prof. Victoria Hui, University of Notre Dame via Zoom A City Reassembled event Registration required Dr. Maggie Shum and Prof. Victoria Hui will introduce their on-going project “Hong Kong Voices in the […]

你今天社交了嗎?| “Did you make friends today?” – A Discussion about Contemporary Socialization Issues

Nov 24, 2021
Please find an upcoming co-sponsored CCR event from Hua Dialogue (對話) [Find English Version Below] 如果給你一次去荒無人煙但有滿天繁星的地方一個人生活一星期的機會,你會接受嗎?你會享受那樣的生活嗎?如果是一個月、一年呢? 在越來越擁擠和忙碌的城市里和社交媒體的巨大浪潮中,大家對一戳就破的“氣球式社交”、“中國式社交”、“網絡社交”等等的討論愈發激烈。在社交渠道多種多樣、無處不在的年代,有些人選擇積極地和各種人建立聯繫,拓寬自己的關係網;有些人覺得這樣太難太累,被社交恐懼症和社交尷尬所支配。還有人選擇拒絕所謂的“無效社交”,追求更加長久而穩定的關係。你覺得社交的本質是什麼呢?它應該在我們生活中扮演什麼樣的角色? 近兩年的疫情讓我們面對面社交的機會變得稀缺。不論是一個人的隔離生活還是遠程上課、工作,我們主要的社交場所變成了自己房間裡的那塊發光的屏幕。有人認為今後的社交和生活模式會逐漸趨近於此,你對此的看法是什麼?隨著社會生活慢慢恢復正常,你如今的社交心態和社交方式發生了變化嗎?你對“社交”和“朋友”有了新的想法和認識嗎?或者你對人與人之間的相處有什麼困惑嗎?如果你有想說的話和故事,就來參加對話12月份對於當代人交友現狀的討論吧! 溫哥華時間11月30日星期二下午6點,在CK Choi 120, 我們期待聽到你的分享。 【活動形式】 ➤時間/地点:溫哥華時間11月30日,週二晚間6:00-9:00pm @CK Choi 120 ➤注冊連結: **活動將以小組討論+大組討論的形式進行。你不需要準備任何發言,我們鼓勵你將自己的經歷和對「華人」這一概念的思考結合起來,與大家在相互尊重的基礎上交流想法。你可以使用你最熟悉的語言(國/普、粵、英)進行分享,我們將提供翻譯。 _______________________________________ If you were selected to spend a week alone in a deserted place, filled with natural wonders and no sight of humans, would you be […]

[BOOK TALK EVENT]: “China’s Civilian Army: The Making of Wolf Warrior Diplomacy”

Nov 23, 2021
Hi everyone, We hope you enjoyed the event: “China’s Civilian Army: The Making of Wolf Warrior Diplomacy.” If you would like to revisit any of the conversations or discussions we had at the event please visit the School of Public Policy and Global Affairs YouTube page or click the link below.   [youtube][/youtube]