[Blog] Exploring China’s Conservation Efforts in Yunnan Province

Our Political Science Prof. Yves Tiberghien’s new blog series China’s Frontier Landsare published via the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada. The blog series feature the Himalayan regions of China, they recently published the fourth chapter: Exploring China’s Conservation Efforts in Yunnan Province. This chapter is written by Prof. Yves, along with his writer/lecturer wife Yvonne Xiao […]

Painting the Life: Professor and Artist Wang Min (Dao Zi) Visiting Vancouver

In the upcoming October, artist, poet, curator, art critic and professor Wang Min王敏 – pen named Dao Zi (島子) will be visiting the Regent College (near UBC Campus). During his visit, he will be exhibiting his art in the gallery, the Lookout, as well as presenting a public lecture, and participating in several classes. Professor […]

[Opportunity] $8,000 (USD) Award for a One Term Exchange to University of Washington

The Gary & Conseulo Corbett Canada-U.S. Fellowships Program will award $8,000 (USD)to an Exchange student going to University of Washington for their Winter (January 7-March 15) and Spring quarters (April 1 – June 7). $8,000 (USD) would comfortably cover all costs associated with a one term exchange located in Seattle. You can experience a semester […]

[CBC Interview] Sketching the Hope – Gu Xiong’s Journey From China to Canada

“When I was in China I dreamed about freedom. After I landed here, I understood the real meaning of freedom. It is not something given — it is paid for through pain and suffering. Pain is a state of transition from one culture to another.” In the CBC Arts series “Arts In My Country”, Gu Xiong, artist […]

[Survey] How Do International Students Adjust to Studying in Canada

Are you an international student studying in Canada? You got an invitation! Florin Timish from the Education Psychology at the University of Victoria is looking for participants for her study about international students’ adjustments to studying in Canada. This study attempts to identify the dynamics of the cultural fit in international students, in regard to academic […]

[Faculty Publications] New Translation by Dr. Josephine Chiu-Duke and Dr. Michael S. Duke

Translated by Josephine Chiu-Duke & Michael S. Duke, this book reveals a history of traditional Chinese knowledge, thought and belief from the seventh through the nineteenth centuries with a new approach that offers a new perspective. It appropriates a wide range of source materials and emphasizes the necessity of understanding ideas and thought in their proper […]

[Summit] Forum for American-Chinese Exchange at Stanford Annual U.S.-China Summit

The Forum for American-Chinese Exchange at Stanford (FACES) Annual U.S.-China Summit is now open for registration. Students and staff (aged 20-28) are welcomed to apply. The application is closing on July 8th, 2018. Over the last two decades, the FACES Annual Summit has brought together forty exceptional student scholars from across the globe to engage […]

Searching for Graduate Student Mentors: Research Experience Program (REX)

Undergraduate Research Opportunities is a student-led, AMS-constituted UBC club. They run the Research EXperience (REX) program where undergraduate students are paired with post-doctoral and graduate students to design a theoretical research project. At the end of the program, the undergraduate students present their finished projects at MURC, one of the largest undergraduate research conferences in […]

[Opportunities] Two Fully Funded PhD Positions on New Confucianism at the University of Basel

The Institute for European Global Studies at the University of Basel invites applications for two PhD positions starting on February 1, 2019. They are part of the research project “The Exterior of Philosophy: On the Practice of New Confucianism” funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF). The candidates will complement the research team of […]

2018 Hong Kong Studies Research School Application is Open

Application for 2018 Hong Kong Studies Research School is now open. Established in July 2015, The Academy of Hong Kong Studies (AHKS) of The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) is the first academy dedicated to fostering Hong Kong studies within local tertiary institutions. Aiming at encouraging young scholars to conduct research on Hong Kong-related topics with […]