Student Groups

UBC boasts a large and vibrant community of students with Chinese interests and connections. Students are also key constituents of the Centre for Chinese Research. The CCR offers regular student-focused events and welcomes student participation in its various efforts to promote research on China and the Chinese-speaking world.

Contact us if you are interested in getting involved with CCR by attending events, applying for research opportunities, or supporting the Centre’s mission.

More information for students will appear on this website in coming months. In the meantime, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with UBC’s Chinese student clubs, including:

UBC Hua Dialogue 對話

UBC Dialogue is a platform for students from different Hua-Ren communities to exchange their ideas.
To provide a mutually respectful platform for discussions of issues related to hua-ren communities. Through deepening the understanding of each other, we create positive impacts on individuals and communities of different backgrounds.


Chinese Art Student Society

The Chinese Art Student Society is about exploring and creating. We teach art practices and history through workshops with a relaxing, entertaining atmosphere.


Chinese Collegiate Society     

Founded in 1987, the Chinese Collegiate Society is a non-profit student-run organization. Our aim is to provide a well-balanced university life for our members, and to contribute generously to our community. We organize a wide range of events that has kept us as one of the best and largest student clubs on the UBC campus.


Chinese Students and Scholars Association      

The Chinese Students and Scholars Association is a non-political student organization encompassing members from undergraduate to graduate students. We are the only club at UBC recognized and sponsored by the Chinese consulate. We specialize in welcoming newcomers to Canada, and we host social events and self-help seminars to help with the transition to university life.


Chinese StudentsAssociation

Established in 1956, the Chinese Students’ Association is the first and longest-standing Chinese student club at UBC. To promote the relationship between the BC Chinese and Canadians, CSA organizes numerous athletic, social, and cultural events including ski trips, dances, shows, and senior home visits. CSA attracts over 1000 members each year, making us a leading Chinese club on campus.


Chinese Varsity Club

The Chinese Varsity Club – a non-profit social club – is dedicated to providing a variety of fun events for any student, such as our Ski Trip, Talent Show, Interactive Dinner Theatre and more.


YOURS Student Association

Established in 1997, YOURS is a Chinese organization registered at UBC and SFU. Our goal is to bridge the gap between the two schools, and enable students to meet new friends from different academic and social backgrounds. We provide opportunities to develop soft skills such as communication, leadership, negotiation, design, and team work. GO YOURS GO!


Hong Kong Student Association

Hong Kong Student Association provides opportunities for students to network by hosting events. We strive to maintain a balance for students between both their academic and social lives.


UBC Taiwan Association

Taiwan Association, the oldest and largest Taiwanese club in University of British Columbia, provides UBC students the occasions to meet each other on the campus by hosting dances, clubbing events, work seminars and cultural events. While dedicating our effort into creating opportunities of friendships and entertainment, we hope ourselves to be a valuable member of the community and at the same time, we hope to offer chances that will allow people having an in-depth study of Taiwanese culture. We are looking forward to greet you in person and share our experience and hopefully, together, we will maximize our university life, making it forever memorable!


New Taiwanese Generation

New Taiwanese Generation is a youthful, enthusiastic group that helps students enjoy their university life. We host events of all varieties, from Boat Cruise to Sporting events, from parties to study groups. Whether you are from Taiwan, speak Mandarin, or if you simply have an interest in Taiwan, we welcome all of you to check us out!


Reality Club

Reality Club is a club with passionate execs and members who are excited to reach out and connect to new members through many casual gatherings and fun Taiwanese cultural events.