Anthropological Archeology

ARCL 322: Archaeological Foundations of East and Southeast Asia


ANTH 402: Ethnography of China

ARTH 251: Asian Arts: From Chinese Warriors to Bollywood Posters

ARTH 253: Asian Architecture: Sacred and Urban Spaces

ARTH 353: Nepal and Tibet: Art, Ritual and Performance

ARTH 357: Chinese Art and Architecture: Patronage and Collecting

ARTH 358: Chinese Art for the Afterlife

ARTH 360: Chinese Painting: Word and Image

ARTH 361: Chinese Modern and Contemporary Art

ARTH 458: Seminar in Chinese Art

ARTH 551: Studies in Chinese Art

ACAM 250: Asian Canadians in Popular Culture

ACAM 300: Dis/Orienting Asian Canada

ACAM 320: Selected Topics in ACAM Studies

ACAM 350: Asian Canadian Community-Based Media

ACAM 390: Asian Migrations in a Global Context

ACAM 447: Directed Studies in Asian Canadian and Asian Migration

ASIA 100: Introduction to Traditional Asia

ASIA 101: Introduction to Modern Asia

ASIA 110: Introduction to the Major Eastern Religions

ASIA 200: Cultural Foundations of East Asia

ASIA 204: Introduction to Asian Religions

ASIA 211: Sex, Sexual Ethics, and Asian Religions

ASIA 222: Encountering Asia

ASIA 223: Writing Asia

ASIA 270: China in World History

ASIA 300: Writing and Culture in East Asia

ASIA 301: Buddhism in the Modern Era

ASIA 305: Asian Horror Cinema: National Nightmares and Specters of Trauma

ASIA 310: Studies in the History of a Major Asian Civilization

ASIA 311: Tibetan Buddhism

ASIA 313: Tibetan and Himalayan Culture and Society

ASIA 320: History of Early China

ASIA 323: History of Cantonese Worlds

ASIA 324: Literature of Hong Kong

ASIA 325: Hong Kong Cinema

ASIA 332: Confucianism in China and Beyond: Reinventions of Tradition

ASIA 340: History of Later Imperial China

ASIA 341: Classical Chinese Literature in Translation

ASIA 342: Chinese Literature in Translation: the Vernacular Tradition

ASIA 351: Modern Chinese Fiction in Translation

ASIA 352: Topics in Traditional Chinese Vernacular Literature

ASIA 355: History of Chinese Cinema

ASIA 360: A Specific Asian Literature in Translation

ASIA 361: Modern Chinese Fiction in Translation II

ASIA 363: Fiction and Film from Modern Taiwan

ASIA 369: Asian Folklore

ASIA 371: Foundations of Chinese Thoughts

ASIA 372: Development of Chinese Thoughts

ASIA 373: History of Hong Kong

ASIA 380:  The Making of Modern China: Nationalism, War, Revolution

ASIA 381: Daoist (Taoist) Religion and its Philosophical Background

ASIA 382: Buddhism in China

ASIA 383: Common Religious Traditions in China

ASIA 384: The Zhuangzi (Chuang-Tzu)

ASIA 385: Chan/Zen Buddhism: Doctrine and Practice

ASIA 386: Chinese Grammar and Usage 1

ASIA 396: Chinese Grammar and Usage 2

ASIA 400: Chinese Characters: Script, Languages, and Civilizations

ASIA 402: Language, Writing, and Linguistic Thought in the History of the Sinographic Cosmopolis

ASIA 405: The Interaction of Science, Religion, and Philosophy in East Asia

ASIA 410: International Relations in Premodern East Asia

ASIA 411: Chinese Political Thought and Institutions

ASIA 440: Cultural History of Imperial China

ASIA 441: Masterworks of Chinese Fiction and Drama in Translation

ASIA 451: Modern Chinese Authors in Translation

ASIA 456: History and Culture of Taiwan

ASIA 460: Modern Asian Women in Narrative

ASIA 466: The History of Christianity in Asia

ASIA 468: Approaches to the Study of Asian Religions

ASIA 470: Comparative Conceptions of the Self

ASIA 477: New Religious Movements of East Asia

ASIA 478 : The Religious Image in Asia

ASIA 485: Inventing Asian Religions in the West/East Encounter

ASIA 495:  Folk Cultures in the Asian Diaspora

ASIA 498: Asia in Museums/the Museum in Asia

ASIA 501: Research Methods and Source Materials in Classical Chinese Studies

ASIA 502: Modern Chinese Fiction and Western Criticism

ASIA 503: Problems in the History of the Chinese Language

ASIA 504: Texts in Ancient Chinese Scripts

ASIA 506: Topics in Chinese Linguistics and Sociolinguistics

ASIA 507: Topics in Chinese Applied Linguistics

ASIA 508: Topics in Pre-modern Chinese History and Institutions

ASIA 509: Aspects of Chinese Popular Thought and Religion

ASIA 511: Readings in Chinese Religious Texts

ASIA 512: Advanced Readings in Classical Chinese

ASIA 513: Topics in Classical Chinese Literature

ASIA 514: Topics in Modern Chinese Literature

ASIA 515: Topics in Early Vernacular Modern Chinese Literature

BASM 530: International Trading Environment

BASM 531: Multinational Enterprises

PLAN 572: Project and Program Design in Developing Asian Countries

ECON 341: Economic Development of Asia

ECON 342: The Economy of China since 1949

FIST 230: Introduction to Asian Cinema

FIST 338: Asian and Australasian Cinema

GRSJ 230: Gender, Race, Sexuality and Representation in Modern Asia

GRSJ 235: Gender, Race, Sexuality and Social Structures in Modern Asia

GEOG 352: Urbanization in the Global South

GEOG 353: Geographies of Migration and Settlement

GEOG 380: Geography of Asia

GEOG 468: Geography of International Economic Systems: Canada and the Pacific Basin

GEOG 485: Geography of China

GPP 523: Economic Change and Reforms in Asia

GPP 524: Legal Change and Sustainability Challenges in Asia

GPP 525: Social Policy Responses to Rapid Development

GPP 561: Impact of Globalization on Societies

GPP 563: Asia Pacific Human Migration and Social Change

GPP 564: Security Challenges for Asian States and People

GPP 565: Nationalism, Religion, and Ethnic Conflict in Asia

GPP 566: Asia Diplomacy and International Relations

GPP 591D: Special Topics in Public Policy - Global China and World Order

HIST 101: World History to Oceanic Contact

HIST 102: World History from 1500 to the Twentieth Century

HIST 104D: Topics in World History - Global Communism

HIST 105B: Contemporary Global Issues in Historical Perspective - Pacific War

HIST 200:  Asia and the World

HIST 270A: China in the World

HIST 373: History of Hong Kong

HIST 377: History of Cantonese Worlds

HIST 378: History of Early China

HIST 379: History of Later Imperial China

HIST 380C: The Making of Modern China: Nationalism, War, Revolution

HIST 479: Cultural History of Imperial China

HIST 480: Social History of Modern China

HIST 481: Education and Society in Modern China

HIST 482: Chinese Migration

HIST 483: Asian Migrations to the Americas

HIST 484: East Asian Military Systems and Warfare China

HIST 485: Asian Migrant Communities in Vancouver

HIST 487:  History of Alternative and Complementary Medicine: Acupuncture to Yoga

HIST 558: Readings in Comparative Asian History

HIST 560: Readings in Chinese History (to 1911)

HIST 561: Readings in Chinese History (post-1911)

HIST 563: Methodology and Sources in Chinese History

IAR 507: East Asian Organizations in Comparative Perspective

IAR 515: Topics in Asia Pacific Policy Studies

ITST 419: Italy and China

Law 334: Introduction to Asian Legal Systems

Law 336: Chinese Law- Implications for Canada-China Relations

Law 337: Trade and Investment in The People's Republic of China

Law 339: Human Rights in Asia

MUSC 165A: World Music Ensembles - Chinese Instrumentals

MUSC 565A:  World Music Ensembles II - Chinese Instrumentals

PHIL 371: Foundations of Chinese Thoughts

POLI 321A: Chinese Politics and Development

POLI 379: China in the World

POLI 460B: Foreign Policy Analysis - Issues in Foreign Policy Analysis: Global China in the Contemporary World Order

RELG 204: Introductions to Asian Religions

RELG 366:  Buddhism in China

SOCI 342: Consumers and Consumptions

SOCI 425: Urban Sociology

SOCI 490: Contemporary Chinese Society


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