Annual Report

Centre for Chinese Research Annual Report 2014-2015

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Note from the Director

During the 2014-2015 academic year, the Centre for Chinese Research, continued to participate in the reorganization of the Institute of Asian Research and our move to the Faculty of Arts with renewed support to serve the broader University of British Columbia campus community.

Our tradition of speakers, seminars and conferences has been strengthened by additional funding from the IAR that has allowed us to expand our offerings, as can be seen from the impressive list of Seminars for the year. CCR also strengthened regional collaboration by participating in the formation of the Northwest China Forum, which held its first meeting in Portland, Oregon in April 2015.

Our new mandate is to serve the broader UBC community interested in China across the disciplines and professions, and beyond our traditional focus on humanities and social sciences. We are, to borrow a political slogan, at the initial stages of this particular revolution. We are cheered by the warm response and enthusiasm of colleagues in Law, Medicine, and various natural science disciplines. We are beginning with an expansion of our program on Chinese Environmental Sciences and Sustainability (CESS).

Dr. Timothy Cheek
Louis Cha Chair in Chinese Research
Director (2011-2015), Centre for Chinese Research

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