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[Webcast] The Challenge of World Literary History

In much of its history from the 19th century to the last decade of the 20th, comparative literature remains largely Euro-centered, and the rise of world literature today offers an opportunity to transcend Eurocentrism and introduce many of the yet unknown canonical works from non-Western and “minor” European literature to a global readership. We need a […]

[Photo] The Hard Work of Feeding the Baby: Breastfeeding and Intensive Mothering in Contemporary Urban China

In this talk, Dr. Hanser described an emerging culture of intensive mothering among middle-class, urban Chinese women that focuses on infant feeding. Based upon interviews with new mothers in urban Shanghai, she described the intense efforts and commitment by these women to provide their babies with breast milk and described the complexities of their attempts […]

[Webcast] Outlook for China’s Environment? What do the Environmental Kuznets Curve and the Experiences of Other East Asian Countries Tell Us

The talk used a wide range of historical statistics to classify these problems according to a heuristic “solvability index” based on the biophysical and sociopolitical tractability of these problems, as well as on the histories of how they have been addressed in countries that have faced them earlier: Japan, Taiwan, and the Republic of Korea.  In […]

[Webcast] China’s Dual States under Xi Jinping

The Party-State’s institutional and legislative reforms since the beginning of the Reform and Opening era reflect certain principles of order, fairness, and legality connected to the idea of a normative state. Yet, in recent years, there has been a marked expansion of a ‘prerogative-state’ system for the use of terror and violence in order to […]

[Webcast] Liu Xiaobo: A Commemoration

“The world has clearly lost a giant whose impact will live on in the hearts and minds of so many.” —Professor Santa J. Ono, President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of British Columbia Thank you for joining associates and guests of the Centre for Chinese Research for a special gathering to commemorate the life of […]

[Webcast] New Era, New Approach? China’s Policy Towards East Asia After the 19th Party Congress

At the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party, Xi Jinping made it clear that he would lead China into a new era and, by implication, put an end to the Dengist period of ‘opening up and reform’ as well as ‘hiding capabilities and bidding for time’.  This talk starts with the premise that Xi […]