[Call for Participation]Modern Language Association forum in pre-14th Century Chinese Literature

A message from the executive committee:

The Modern Language Association forum in pre-14th Century Chinese Literature is currently welcoming suggestions for thematic panels to be proposed for the 2020 MLA convention in Seattle. We will need to make formal proposals to the MLA in early 2019, so we would welcome informal suggestions from interested scholars now about what topics would be of value to the community.
In addition, we will also have to put forward nominations for scholars in our field to stand for election in 2020 to our own forum’s executive committee, as well as to the MLA delegate assembly. If you would like to be considered as a possible nominee–or would like us to consider a colleague, please let us know.

Finally, for those who will be at the MLA this January in Chicago, please consider attending our forum’s two panels: “Teaching Classical Chinese Poetry as Cultural, Philosophical, and Literary Texts” (Sat 1/5, 3:30-4:45) and “Transitions in Early and Medieval Chinese Literary History” (Sun 1/6, 10:15-11:30)
Thanks! Feel free to contact any of us individually:

Daniel Fried: dfried@ualberta.ca
Michael A. Fuller: mafuller@uci.edu
Catherine Xiaowen Xu: xiaowen.xu@ubc.ca
Benjamin Ridgway: bridgwa1@swarthmore.edu

Gratefully yours,