Manga Formosa: The Wild World of Taiwanese Comics

Sponsor: Centre for Chinese Research
Place: Room 120, C.K.Choi Building
Type: Lunch Talk
Date: Monday, Feb 29, 2016
Time: 12PM – 2PM


About the Event
Although comics and cartoons (known in Mandarin as manhua) have existed as form of popular entertainment in Taiwan for over a century, in comparison to Japanese manga, they are almost completely unknown to the Anglophone world. Recently, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of China has been working to rectify this situation through their flagship program Books from Taiwan, which just last month released a 300-page translation sample of thirteen representative works of Taiwanese cartooning, from Chang Sheng’s post-apocalyptic thriller BABY, to Akimma Lee’s adaption of Wu Nien-Jen’s acclaimed drama Midnight in Taipei. This talk will explore not only the wild world of Taiwanese comics, but also the challenging process of translating and lettering graphic texts.

About the Speake
Nick Stember is a translator of Chinese comics and popular culture who lives in Vancouver, BC. In 2015 he earned a Master of Arts in the Department of Asian Studies at the University of British Columbia with his (very readable and not at all obscure) thesis on the formation of the Shanghai Manhua Society in the late 1920s.
He is currently working on a translation of the “Chinese Game of Thrones.”
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