China’s Civil War: A Social History, 1945-1949

Sponsor: Centre for Chinese Research, the Institute of Asian Research
Place: Room 120, C.K. Choi Building, 1855 West Mall
By: Diana Lary (UBC)
Type: Event
Dates: Wednesday, Oct 14, 2015 to Wednesday, Oct 14, 2015
Time: 3:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.


China’s Civil War is a social history of the 1945-9 civil war that brought the Chinese Communist Party to power.  It integrates history and memory to help to understand a period of intense upheaval. Drawing from biographies, memoirs, illustrations and oral histories the book gives voice to those who experienced the war at first hand.  The book explores the long-term impacts of the social upheaval, the separations, the exiles and political divides that came from the civil war.
Reviews & Endorsements 
“Professor Lary has analysed in depth the social forces that prepared for the CCP’s victory. She writes with deep compassion for the Chinese people who have gone through the greatest social upheaval in their history. A huge contribution to the understanding of China’s Civil War.”
— Pai Hsien-Yung, author of Taipei People
“What Diana Lary has achieved is a tour de force, a wonderful telling of the tumultuous social history of the Chinese Civil War through personal anecdotes and stories of individual and family experiences. Expertly crafted, the book fills a huge hole in our understanding of the Chinese civil war and its subsequent impact on the social history of the PRC.”
Stephen R. MacKinnon, Arizona State University
Please click here for more details on Dr. Lary’s book, “China’s Civil War: A Social History, 1945-1949” (Cambridge, 2015). 
About the speaker
Diana Lary is professor emerita in the Department of History at the University of British Columbia. She has published over a dozen books on the history warfare, migration, regionalism, and suffering in modern China.


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